Press Release:  IPI™ feature in Swedish ePassport

Jura is proud to announce the continued application of the Jura IPI feature in the Swedish ePassport with the partnership of Thales

Jura JSP GmbH, the reputed inventor and supplier of graphic-arts-based security features to protect photo-carrying travel documents, announced that the technology partnership with AB Svenska Pass, Thales shareholding company continues. Recently Thales announced that AB Svenska Pass has been awarded a multi-year contract to continue the production and personalisation of the Swedish passport.

The technology provided by Jura allows to see hidden personalised information on the first paper-page of the passport through a special filter that is incorporated to the polycarbonate data-page. This revolutionary technology was introduced in 2011 in the previous Swedish passport. Jura security features are already in nine other national passport programmes, proof of the successful partnership between Jura and Thales. Jura hopes that two further countries will be added soon. In addition to cooperation in document personalisation, all Thales document design facilities use Jura’s high-security design software package.