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Nowadays smartphones are an irreplaceable part of our everyday lives. They have become a companion that we use in many different ways. But did you think of your own smartphone as brand protection qualifying equipment? As experts in high-security printing, Jura combined physical printing, the digital world, and the capabilities of smartphones into a unique ecosystem. As a result, the average user can use a smartphone to check offline for security details that were previously only available to forensic experts using expensive laboratory equipment. In addition, our solution provides inspector-level authentication with detailed insight and the ability to detect a copy in only a few seconds.

Jura seeks to avoid increasing the cost of printed products by adding covert features. So we have developed a range of cost-effective features that can be implemented in printed products using resources already consumed without reducing productivity.

In addition to the digital security solutions, we also offer an offset security feature for brand protection. Click here

Three Pillars for Security Printing

The whole security printing world is relaying on three pillars: Overt, Covert, and Forensics.

Good balance is imperative between the three of them in order to give reliable protection to the product.

Covert security feature is usually a printed element that can not be seen by the naked eye. A simple aid needs to be utilized. Either a magnifying glass or UV fluorescent light or even a smartphone with a certain app. This tells us that we are talking about very small elements or elements that are not visible to humans’ eyes. To apply such an element some special knowledge or access to special equipment or special ink is needed.

Levels for Security

Key Benefits:

  • Decreases potential revenue loss by improving the supply chain flow and eliminating possible counterfeit products.
  • Increases revenue by encouraging repurchase through a new customer communication channel.
  • Offers better insights through relevant data about products, at any time.
  • Gives better control over products and eases recall operations.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by improving the acquisition experience.
  • Strongly differentiates any company from competition by increasing brand equity.
  • Authentication is possible offline (mobile data is not required for authentication)

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