Covert Security

Covert Security Features

Patented high-resolution applications for brand protection of commercial products.

Three Pillars for Security Printing

The security printing world is relaying on three pillars: overt, covert and forensics.

Good balance is imperative between the three of them in order to give reliable protection to the product.

Covert security feature is usually a printed element that can not be seen by the naked eye. A simple aid needs to be utilized. Either magnifying glass or UV fluorescent light or even a smartphone with certain app. This is telling us that we are talking about very small elements or about elements that are not visible to humans’ eye just like that. Apply such an element some special knowledge or access to special equipment or special ink is needed.


Jura is trying to avoid increasing the costs of printed products by adding covert features, therefore vast selection of cost-effective features were developed that can be implemented to the printed product while using already utilized resources and without decreasing the productivity.


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Copyright © 2020 JURA JSP