Stock Shield


Introducing Stock Shield – the cutting-edge security printing solution developed by JURA.

This unique technology utilizes an information-carrying printing grid structure that can be read by a smartphone, making it an ideal solution for brand protection, marketing purposes, and secure message encryption.

With the help of special grid structures, information can be hidden inside an image, making it invisible to the naked eye but easily accessible with a smartphone. This makes Stock Shield an effective tool for protecting your brand against counterfeiters, running giveaways, and encrypting short messages in printable images.

Generating a Stock Shield is a breeze on our generator page, and our reader application is readily available in-browser or as an application to scan the result. The scan works on the generated and printed images, making it a versatile and reliable solution for your security printing needs.

For added security, we use encrypted codes generated from your email address for authorization, ensuring that your information is always safe and secure. We offer a free demo key for trial purposes and exclusive Stock Shield keys for purchase, the latter allowing customization of up to 40 characters of hidden information.

Reading Stock Shield images by phone is easy with our application, which can be downloaded and assigned with the correct reader license, or by using a web browser with our built-in reader.

A given reader license will only read images generated with the corresponding Stock Shield key, ensuring that your information remains secure and confidential.

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