Smartphone Authentication

2nd level track & trace anti-counterfeiting system for brand protection and short lifetime personalised products.

Unique Validation System

Over the last decade, smartphones became an unreplaceable part of our everyday life. They morphed into this companion that we utilize in many different ways. Smartphones are used for reading the news, checking social media, managing our online banking, checking the weather forecast, and they also became our main tool to record and save our memories. Since the quality of camera improved so much, most of smartphones can be used as a real inspection tool to check the originality and genuineness of the products we are using every day. With online connectivity, they became a source and resource for track & trace systems. People can actually check the origin and also the whole supply chain of the product via their smartphones.

Jura, as an expert in high security printing, took this even further. We connected physical printing, the digital world, and smartphones’ capabilities in a unique ecosystem where an average user can become an inspector themselves by using a smartphone to check the security details that were only accessible to forensic experts using expensive laboratory equipment before.

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