Travel & ID Documents
(MRTD) Solutions

Travel & ID Documents
MRTD) Solutions

Jura’s photo ID document personalization solutions include patented features to hide human- or machine-readable alphanumerical invisible personal information into the portrait. Optionally custom encryption, and personalized machine-verifiable secondary (ghost) image can be embedded.

IPI™ – Invisible Personal Information

IPI™ technology encodes personal data in the primary portrait, protecting both the portrait and the data against tampering/manipulation and unauthorized personalization. Nowadays several dozens of countries use Jura’s IPI feature, both in passports and ID-1 format government credentials. The solution is based on a proprietary process to hide individual secondary information into the applicants’ digitally printed or engraved portrait image, in such a way that each individual photograph is unique and hides the individual data, such as: name, serial number of document. The portrait is printed or engraved digitally as a unified image, where the primary image is visible to the naked eye, while the secondary image is hidden.

The hidden information can be read/verified by special lenticular lens, by a dedicated App developed for smart-phones and high-resolution document readers. The Personalized Hidden-Text can be printed or engraved along a customer-specific wave-structure to achieve a further security element. The wave-structure can be different – for example – per gender or issuance-period. The application is software-based only, and supports all ICAO-recommended printing and personalization technologies.

E-IPI™ – Encrypted Invisible Personal Information

Encrypted-IPI™ is an enhanced version of IPI, hiding personal information as a special 2D-barcode into the photo. Encrypted-IPI™ is machine-readable with a Jura software on an electronic passport-reader and with a dedicated App developed for smartphones.

Encoding digital information into the image allows the customer to use his own trusted encryption. The encryption makes the reproduction of the embedded information impossible for outsiders.


LetterScreen++® is a patented process to print or engrave a high-security secondary (ghost) image, either on the passport data-page, or to print by inkjet on the first paper-page. Each LetterScreen++® image is created along a unique structure, by a special algorithm based on personal data.

The portrait of the applicant is built up from microtext arranged in a wavy lines-structure. The microtext is personalized; citing applicant’s name, the document number and/or other personal data. The wave-structure is created with a special algorithm based on personal data, therefore it is different in each and every document.

The personalized text lines fill the entire image and there are slight differences in character size and line-thickness to clearly show the portrait.

Three-in-one Security Feature:

Level-1: verification is based on the comparison of the microtext in the LetterScreen++® and the readable personal data. The verification necessitates a magnifier.

Level-2: automatic verification with the Jura APP in the electronic document reader. The software completely eliminates the subjective human factor. The electronic document reader compares the re-generated wave structure with the one in the scanned LetterScreen++® portrait.

Level-3: The portrait can contain certain special marks or “deliberate mistakes” for forensic check.
LetterScreen++® is software-based only and supports all ICAO-recommended printing and personalisation technologies.

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