High Security

High Security Prepress

Software solutions, offset and digital intaglio platemaking, and prepress quality control for high security prepress systems.

Software Solution

Design, Proof

Jura’s non-traditional concept & functional design software provides the right solution for special demands. Like producing preliminary designs for high-security documents, to achieve the final security realization of complex structures at the maximum level, and to accelerate and simplify the process. Additionally, the software allows us to quickly and easily check if the functional layout meets certain requirements of the incorporated machine-readable and other features, at any stage of the design workflow.

Offset design

The software includes the flagship graphic design application to create up-to-date graphic artwork of all kinds of security documents at the top level. Applying high-resolution screening, high-precision vector graphics, special colorization, copy-protection, and more.

Intaglio design

Jura provides “The 21st Century Digital Toolset” for hand engravers and graphic artists to create resolution-independent vector art combined with the advantages of the latest intaglio plate-making technology.

Quality control

The quality control software is optimized for the designers to inspect the complete high-security graphic design artwork – with respect to all details and printability – on the computer screen before printing.

Corvina Prime

The Corvina Prime Software package is a modular system of graphic applications for designing high-security documents. The software elements can be installed and used in several combinations. Providing a flexible solution for the needs of any security prepress design systems.

The package includes the Corvina Plus prepress design software along with the general system features. In addition to these features, Corvina Plus contains almost 400 tools and commands to be used. The software itself can be extended with other modules that further the quality and the complexity of the security features created.

Advantages of Corvina Plus:

  • aimed to the highest level
  • easy-to-use
  • real-time operation
  • ultimate control
  • freedom in design

Corvina Engraver:

The Corvina Engraver is a software designed to emulate classic engraving techniques, and concurrently using new methods to create modern artworks for the future of security printing

The software provides different user workflows: the classic engraver (freehand drawing), the digital engraver (automated calculations). And the master engraver (combined method). The features can be classified into five types. Interface functions, vector-base, and pixel-based graphic functions, coloring and outputting functions. The output can be suitable for driving modern intaglio plate-making machines.

Advantages of Corvina Engraver:

  • editable artwork
  • tablet-optimized
  • freehand-manipulations
  • fine-tuning
  • ultimate precision
  • infinite undo and history
  • unlimited zoom, multiple preview
  • accelerated workflow
  • compatibility and openness

Offset Platemaking

Front End, Wet CTP, Dry CTP

Jura’s imposition software generates high resolution plate-ready TIFF files for CTP machines containing the complete arrangement of imposed design artworks.

Jura’s prepress quality control system for the QC division includes a software for inspecting digital security design artwork materials – in respect to all details, step-and-repeating and printability – before the printing production.

Jura offers the most modern high resolution CTP output devices – over 10 000 dpi – producing wet, waterless and dry offset plates for high security prepress systems. These machines have been developed in cooperation with Kodak and EskoArtwork.

Digital Intaglio Platemaking

Front End, DLE®

Jura’s state-of-the-art direct laser engraving technology (developed with OeBS) became the standard in the production of intaglio printing plates since 2005. The full 3D control on attributes of design elements allows to develop novel security features and unique effects that cannot be reproduced with other technology.

Prepress Quality Control

QC, Print-ready plates

Jura’s 3D prepress quality control system for the QC division includes software for inspecting digital security design artwork materials. With respect to all details, step-and-repeating, and printability, and an ultra-high accuracy measuring system for 3D checking of intaglio and dry offset plates at final stage before the printing production.

The system also features 3D scanning for digitizing and reproducing existing intaglio plates and enhanced 2D scanning to digitize printed graphic security documents for further processing. It allows to compare printing plates and their printouts in high-security graphic design software.

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