African Currency Forum  – 15-19 January 2023 Luxor, Egypt

After nearly five years African Currency Forum – the official event for the Association of African Banknotes and Security Documents Printers (AABSDP) – will be held between 15-19 January 2023 in Luxor, Egypt.

The conference will be managed by CBE in partnership with secure document, currency, and conference specialists Reconnaissance International. Apart from the members of the AABSDP, the Central Bank of Egypt Printing House will invite delegates from the 41 African central banks and 15 national banks as well as guests from central banks and institutions outside the continent.

Over 20 of the world’s most innovative security specialists will showcase their latest developments in an engaging and informative exhibition.

Join Barna Barabas’ presentation about Steel Plates for Intaglio Printing at 9:20 on 17 January in Session 3: Banknote Technology and Machinery Update.

Meet Jura at Booth B2.