The Silk Road Cash & Payments Conference is a new initiative aimed at bringing global knowledge and experience to Central Asia and surrounding regions and markets.

The conference is named after the famous ancient Silk Road. It connected the Roman Empire and China and enabled trade between the two continents, the most important good was the name-giving silk, among others moving westwards, while gold, silver, and other items going east. To what extent trade was based on bartering, and to what extent the silver, gold, and perhaps other valuable items were considered payments is perhaps of historical interest; it is clear though that today, payments will have to be a key enabler for the success of a New Silk Road.

Chemical Free Steel Intaglio Printing Plates by Jura is in line with today’s latest technologies. Jura and OeBS together announced the latest development of the Direct Laser Engraved Steel Plates for Intaglio Printing. The new material and printing process meets the highest expectations of Intaglio Printing, the platemaking is sustainable and environment friendly process. The new S-DLE® (Steel Direct Laser Engraving) engraved plates are already in production with very positive feedback. S-DLE® is an engraving technic providing full 3D control over the engraving process. In the presentation we will present the process itself, the lessons learned, and the production results.

Make sure to save the date of Barna Barabas’ presentation, it takes place in the CASH TRACK – Session 3a: Innovation in Currency Design & Production between 14:30-15:50 on Tuesday, 28 March 2023.