Dear Delegate,

It is our utmost regret to inform you that the planned Jura Workshop will not be held on the 28th and 29th October 2020 due to ongoing Covid-19 situation.

During the course of the recent weeks, we have checked with the internatioal authorities whether the current travel bans / restrictions could be uplifted or not, but no definite reply arrived.

Hungary is still to be considered a safe country, if we look at the number of infected population, but arriving from the majority of the global community, tests should be taken, and certain precautions are needed to be followed.

We would like to inform you also that the IBDA Engraver Summit scheduled to run the 26th and 27th of October (directly before our event) has also been cancelled for the same reasons.

Despite the cancellation of the event for now, it is still our main goal to organize an event, where we could present to you our new features and could possibly exchange ideas about our future developments.

As all the events in our industry have been postponed from this year to the next one, it seems a little difficult to find a good timing in Y2021, thus, there is a good possibility that the new Jura Workshop will be held in Y2022.

Naturally, as soon as we find a suitable date, we will certainly inform you about it.

Even if it seems a long time from now, we can promise you one thing about our next Jura workshop in Budapest: it will be infinitely better than the one we planned for this year.

Thank you for your understanding,

Jura Team