High Security Printing Solution Latin America between 5-7 June 2023, Nassau, The Bahamas

The Regional Forum for Secure Document Technologies

The latest technologies and techniques in the production and issue of banknotes, ePassports, ID cards, visas and other secure documents across Latin America.

Latin America, however,  is growing in importance – not just as a future economic powerhouse but, in the context of government documents, as a market for high security printing. Many of the countries are becoming key innovators in  specification, procurement and distribution – serving not only their own growing economies but  the wider region too. In recognition of this importance, Reconnaissance held the High Security Printing™ Latin America conference in July 2012 – the first ever event of its kind to address the needs, issues, challenges and opportunities for specifiers and producers of government documents  in the region and annually since then.

The presentation of Barna Barabas titled Environment Friendly Intaglio Printing Solution will be at 12:40 on Wednesday (7 June) in Session 5 – Sustainability and Environment.