Adjustable Security Access

Nowadays home office is a basic requirement in the modern world of employment. The security printing is a highly sensitive area and requires a very accurate, systematic analysis how to implement these trends in the design or production processes of sophisticated documents.

After thoughtful, detailed development JURA presents the new version of the Corvina Security Design and Printing Workflow control solution that concentrates on the Adjustable Security Access with a wide range of application, modules and features

The V3 besides the long list of features and functions requested by the costumers is built around the life situation to adjust our access to our daily jobs and to fulfill with flexibility all the requirements of our customers and the security printing world

Let us take you to a journey.

Corvina Orbis

The first and most important in a security design planning is to have a concept. To do that you must be flexible and you have to be able to simulate all the features and functions the customer might need, on the same time you have to protect your concept and if accepted you want to continue the journey to the high-resolution product.

For these jobs Jura has developed the Corvina Orbis (from Latin – World, as a symbol of travelling / freedom) an application to help security designers to get closer to their customers. The application together with some modules is travel secure as it is protected with secure access and the output can be only low-resolution file. The package includes all features and functions that a designer needs to be able to do a perfect security design concept. This design will be the input to create the final, production ready product.

Corvina Clausa

Once the concept design is ready usually, we would do the final and high-resolution design in a secure heavily guarded environment. The big question is: Can or How do we solve this issue today when the home office is a must or at least, expected. Here comes the solution with Corvina Clausa (from Latin – closed, as a symbol of very limited access) an application that is a perfect solution for home office.

The solution provides a perfect environment for home office. First of all, there is no need for a continuous internet connection as the application and the files are on the home office workstation. The application is a perfect mirror of the secure heavily guarded office workstation and here comes the BUT.

  • The home office Application first of all it is protected with password and dongle.
  • Has only very low screen (in case of screen print) or print output resolution.
  • Has a very secure and unique file format, where the generated file can be opened only with the application on the secure heavily guarded office workstation.

If the final design is ready and the product is ready for plate making, the file must be transferred to the office workstation, the office workstation will generate the high-resolution files and the production steps will follow.

The Passport module

The Passport and national ID documents are the most important printed security products after banknotes. One of the revolutionary developments in this version would be the passport module. The big question is: What is revolutionary?

In the passport production there are quite a few similar / monotone processes that should be done with many design pages on the same time each page has many features that makes each page unique and secured against counterfeiters. The new module makes this process fast and easy by automatizing the monotone steps and helping the designers to create new features fast and easy.

Here is also important to mention that before production a good preview of data page, simulation of colorization including each feature or presenting the different layouts is a basic requirement. The application includes these functions to have a perfect display of the product for a good decision.

The Corvina III. security prepress solution

Intentionally we do not call a software as the package we deliver is more than an application or a set of application, it gives solutions for all kind of challenges within the security prepress from planning, design, imposition, quality control and much more.

Just to give you a hint in the last two years we have added over 50 features and functions to all application based on requests of our customers. The full list of the features with presentations is available for our existing and future customers. In the center of all the developments is the customer and this is not a marketing phrase this is the philosophy of the company.