6th IBDC Virtual Event

The International Banknote Designer Conference will be held between 7-11th June 2021

We are happy to announce our participation in the IBDC virtual event, for which we have prepared exciting workshops and engaging presentations to share with our fellow designers and security professionals.

The workshop programme has been formulated to help you in your day-to-day work and to create value for anyone active in the planning, development or execution phase of an upgrade or new series project.

This year’s theme is  Design value – What does the customer really want & how to give it to them.

The 6th IBDC is a dedicated forum for all actors involved in design and design decision-making to learn, exchange knowledge and develop new perspectives. Delegates will benefit from the experiences shared by counterparts from around the world. In a world of choice, where the emerging multi-payments ecosystem is placing a new set of demands on cash, we must all equip ourselves with the latest actionable information to facilitate informed decision-making.

Join us at the 6th IBDC to learn new perspectives about banknote design, content and project management.

Source: https://ibd-association.com/6th-ibdc/

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