Direct Laser Engraved Steel Plates for Intaglio Printing

At the Global Currency Forum, Spain, in May 2022 Jura and OeBS together announced the latest development of the Direct Laser Engraved Steel Plates for Intaglio Printing. The new material and printing process meets the highest expectations of Intaglio Printing.

Direct metal engraving (whether it is brass or steel) plates developed by OeBS and Jura make it possible to print directly or to use the plates as master plates and by electroforming create nickel printing plates. The new setup covers all possible scenarios for Intaglio plate making starting with different plate sizes (from single original proof size to Super Orloff Intaglio) to direct printing plates, finishing with master plates for the traditional galvanic process.

The whole process started with a very accurate set of tests such as: material selection, laser engraving, post-processing & PVD coating, and the requirements had to correspond to:

  • Suitable, multisource material selection,
  • Engraving efficiency at least similar to brass,
  • Plate durability is similar to nickel.

In the fall, Jura is organizing a workshop event for the stakeholders and partners in Budapest about the new DLE® in Steel workflow.